Tam Hangs It Up?

Tam, of the legendary gun blog Books, Bikes, Boomsticks has apparently closed up shop.

I was talking about it with Kevin Baker at GBR this evening, and apparently is has something to do with a stalker she picked up who infested her comments, and being on Blogger, she couldn’t ban him.

It’s a huge loss to the gunblogger community and her readers.  I hope she reconsiders.  You’d think one of her legions of readers would volunteer to build her a new home with a comment section she can control.


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Tam Hangs It Up? — 12 Comments

  1. Hey, look! My login still works!

    Anyway. Tam has been battling this shitstain for quite a while. This is why she went from the basic “Prove you’re human” comment verification to full “Owner approval”.
    As for migrating to Word Press, she’s been blogging at blogger for 8 years, since before it was owned by Google, and she doesn’t feel it’s worth the trouble of migrating. Partly because dealing with this asshole has worn her down.
    Now shitstain has shown up on landlady Roberta’s blog, as well.
    However, there’s hope, as Tam has been saving his messages and IP data for over a year, and he pretty clearly is violating Florida’s laws against stalking, cyber and meatspace, and it turns out that Chris “Anarchangel” Byrne knows someone in that area…
    (Name, address, etc. are also known.)

  2. ‘Kay, I just did a bit of pertinent research –

    View From The Porch (also/perhaps better known as Books, Bikes, Boomsticks) is now “sorta” back up – “sorta” because 1) it’s only opened up for Archives access (due to popular demand); no new Posts (for now, at least), and Comments are closed, and 2) Tam is still “on hiatus”.

    So…there’s that.

    Also – if you care to get a sense of what Tam’s been having chasing her – and her blog – around for (apparently) several years, now…or – if you just have a certain amount of (somewhat-evil) interest in peering at the “workings” of a sad, sick, eeevilll mind – take a read-through on this – the ugliness starts “anonymously” about nine Comments down – and goes on..and on…aaand on…from September 3, 2014 at 2:54 AM, to September 3, 2014 at 2:59 AM (obviously “composed” off-line, then copy/pasted – nothing even remotely human could key-in that quantity in 5 minutes real-time)…for roughly a dozen long-drawn-out paras.

    The end results – and the following Comments – are…instructive (the kindest way I can put it).

    I’ve witnessed some nasty trolling, but…

    Several months of this sort of psychopathic crap (much less years of it) has to easily qualify as cyberstalking, I would think.

    This is, you will understand, linked from the Comments stream over at The Adventures Of Roberta X (aka: twowheeledmadwoman), Roberta being Tam’s blogging, etc. cohort and apparent Life’s Boon Companion.

  3. 1) Bobbi is Tam’s landlady and friend. Just… friends.
    2) Tam has now resumed posting stuff to the blog, but comments are still turned off.
    3) There have been several offers of hosting or co-hosting besides Ricks, including assistance with migrating archives (with comments, etc.). So she’s got that going for her…

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