It Burns! It Burns Like Hell!

Jeff Bezos Replaces WaPo Publisher With Politico Co-Founder

Weymouth’s departure is the end of an era of Graham family involvement with the Post. Her great-grandfather bought the newspaper in the 1930s, and her uncle Donald Graham sold it to Bezos last August for $250 million.

She’ll be replaced by Frederick J. Ryan, the founding CEO of Politico and a former Reagan administration official.

I’ve bolded the most intriguing part of this announcement.

I wonder how the lefty WaPo newsroom hacks will like working for a “former Reagan official?”

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  1. I have to wonder just how many of those “lefty WaPo newsroom hacks” will actually stick around long enough to even try working for a “former Reagan official” –

    I’d imagine the resumes are, even now, flying thick and fast, winging Leftward from (now-temporarily) WaPo journaljismists’ e-mail addys, towards the deepest, dankest, rankest regions of the (now-measurably-less)Vast “Progressive” Smear-O-Sphere.

    The Intartoobs are no doubt “heating up” at places like al-Jazeera, al-Guardian, etc…

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