I’m Easy to Please

Reid’s name removed from center at Utah university from which he graduated | Fox News

The group received $40,000 in pledges over five days toward removing the Nevada Democrat’s name from the school’s Outdoor Engagement Center.

University President Scott Wyatt acknowledged Friday that he was under pressure from a group of conservatives to remove Reid’s name but insisted that politics had nothing to do with his decision.

He’s lying, of course.  Well, only partly.  It was politics, but it was also money:

Wyatt also said the school’s 2011 naming of the center in Reid’s honor generated no donations to it from the senator’s friends as had been hoped. 

Further, I’m sure this pissed Reid off.  Is it petty?  Of course.  But every little bit hurt.  And I get a warm tingle down my thigh just thinking of Reid, in a rage, throwing a glass of single-barrel bourbon against the mahogany wall of his office when he got word of this.

I wonder what else you can get the whores at this university to give you if you spend enough money?

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I’m Easy to Please — 3 Comments

  1. Most amusing part (for everyone except Hairy Weed and his two or three [at most] remaining friends) is that removing his name from the edifice in question is already generating – and seems likely to continue generating – a substantial level of financial support…which is already far better than the result of originally naming the place in honor of him did.

    Lesson learned: Initially, name an establishment for a cordially-disliked public asshole – then, agree to un-name it from that initial designation, and watch the money roll in…

  2. Finally some poetic justice, JS. Naming the place after Hairy Weed generates no donations but detracting his name generates thousands!

    Sort of like how no military academies in the US is named Benedict Arnold Military Academy.

    In the hope that we have learned a lesson here in the US one can believe that West Virginia will start renaming all the Byrd legacies and that there will never be an Obama National Airport or High School.

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