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Garry Kasparov to Barack Obama on Ukraine: It’s a War, Stupid! – TIME

A civilian airliner was blown out of the sky just six weeks ago –—remember MH17? — and with more than 100 victims still unidentified the outrage has already dissipated into polite discussions about whether it should be investigated as a crime, a war crime, or neither.

I think it’s probably workplace violence.  Don’t you?

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  1. Absolutely – time to call in the Workman’s Compensation specialists to sort out the “bennies” for the injured and their immediate families, set up a team to adjudge comps for the deceased’s estates, and establish an investigative group to suss out “root causes” and to set a “plan for action” against further such problems.

    That’ll fix ’em right up, yes?…

      • …Check your privilege, you patriarchal racist!

        I strongly resemble that remark – and I done checked my “privilege” already, and it’s doing jes’ fine, thankee kindly…

        Not to worry on the “peanut allergies”, BTW – the only thing similar to that which produces a bad reaction is anything having anything to do with ol’ Jimmuh P-nut, the Second-Worst U.S. PresiDUNCE Evah and the Lifetime Award Winner of Habitat For Humanity’s Empty-Headed Bronze Hammerhead Award.

        I am Redneck Patriarchal Sometimes-Raaaciiist, and I Approve This Message!

  2. This post was produced in a factory also containing glutens, nuts including peanuts, white male privilege, racism, sexism, mysoginism, libertarianism of the wrong demagoguery and Apostate Randianism. No animals were harmed in producing this post, well at least dogs (which the owner and I love) and cats and other domestic pets. However, three toed alligator sloths and feminist owls are endangered by arctic ice promulgated by the climate change denialists of this site, although this individual post didn’t directly deny climate change, but it implied it. Plus War on Women, Diversity Denialism, Income Equalistism Deniers, Dreamer Doomers all convene here. Because Racism, Bush, bitter clingerism and white privilege. Did I mention white privilege before? Well, it can’t be emphasized too much. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist.

    Did I miss anything?

  3. Yikes! What have I let loose on the DP world? One mention of trigger warnings and boom! it’s a SteveF virus.

    Also, I’ve been told to check my privilege and I want to do so but haven’t been able to find the privilege check room. I thought it would be right next to the coat check room but …

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