Round and Round We Go

Israelis Frustrated With Outcome of Gaza Conflict – WSJ

TEL AVIV—Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu faces frustration over how the conflict with Hamas is winding down, both from the Israeli public and from parties that wanted harsher action against Gaza’s Islamist rulers.

Two political parties that take a harder line on Palestinians than Mr. Netanyahu’s Likud faction saw an upswing in support in a new poll published Friday in the Israeli daily Maariv. The survey also found 58% of Israeli Jews believe it was a mistake for the government to accept an open-ended cease-fire with Hamas this week, while 61% don’t think the prime minister achieved his goal of prolonged quiet.

Slowly, slowly, the Israelis are beginning to tire of the wash, rinse, repeat cycle with the Paleoswine, which never seems to kill enough of them to actually make Israel feel safe.  Netanyahu’s successor may adjust that strategy a bit.

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  1. As regards tunnels and rockets, Israeli policy should be that they take back any area that was used for attacking Israel. If a tunnel mouth was 150 yards into so-called Palestinian territory, then take 150 yards of that territory. If this results in the Palestinians being pushed into the sea, well, turn-about is fair play.

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