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Feminists oppose anti-date rape drug technology « Hot Air

You can read the article to see the rather jaw dropping responses she got from some “feminists” who amazingly opposed this technological achievement. Their reasons were apparently drawn from far too deep in the well of feminist arcana for me to translate into English here, but they seemed to be saying that roofie detection equipment did nothing to stop the scourge of men assaulting women to begin with. This prompted another great response from Rachel.

This is the equivalent to refusing chemotherapy to treat cancer to make a statement that we need an overall cure to cancer. Your principled stand will only get you a trip to the morgue.

I would spend some time here trying to debate the “logic” of opposing something as simple as nail polish which can help prevent a felony, but as usual, at least some women remain an eternal mystery to me.

There’s nothing freaking “mysterious” about these “some women.”  They are dedicated to a progressive view of the world, and reality is merely one more thing to be made malleable in the fires of their frenzied faith.  In other words they are whackjobs, lunatics, and fanatics:  Nothing mysterious at all, merely more of what we’ve seen far too much of from the progressive zoos over the past hundred years.


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    • Roofies is a street nickname for rohypnol (and other drugs with similar effect.)

      “Flunitrazepam is known to induce anterograde amnesia in sufficient doses; individuals are unable to remember certain events that they experienced while under the influence of the drug. This effect could be particularly dangerous if flunitrazepam is used to aid in the commission of sexual assault; alleged victims may be unable to clearly recall the alleged assault, the alleged assailant, or the events surrounding the alleged assault.”

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