Continuing In the Long Democrat Tradition of the KKK and Bull Connor….

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau employees detail hostile work environment – Washington Times

Evidence gathered by congressional investigators, internal agency documents and Washington Times interviews with workers discloses scores of cases of U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau employees seeking protection from racially offensive, sexist or discriminatory behavior, including that:

A naturalized U.S. citizen, with more than a decade of service with the U.S. government, was called an “f’ing foreigner” by management.

A department was internally dubbed “the Plantation” because of the number of blacks working in it — all supervised by white managers — without any obvious promotional track or way to get transferred.

White employees were twice as likely to get the most favorable personnel ratings in employee reviews, as were minorities.

Managers intimidated and retaliated against employees for voicing complaints or offering an alternative point of view — from denying vacation requests to hiring unqualified friends to supervise jobs and then asking subordinates to train them.

Evidence of discriminatory pay practices in the agency’s own statistics have even resulted in promises by management of emergency pay raises for minority workers to create more parity, the documents show.

It’s not the storyline that America’s newest federal agency wanted at its inception.

CFPB, the brainchild of Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, was created by then-Sen. Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut and then-Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts.

The latter two Democrats pushed through legislation in Congress named after them that created the agency to protect consumers from predatory banks and lending institutions blamed for the 2007-2009 financial crisis. And Ms. Warren, now considered by some as a potential presidential candidate in 2016, became its first leader.

Hey.  It’s a Democrat ethnic plantation.  So don’t get uppity.

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  1. Back when I worked for the feds years ago, with some notable exceptions, the “Eric Holder’s people” on staff generally were the lowest performers and had the worst attitudes despite all of the attempts to boost their pay grades and so on. Drove one of our best managers (one of the notable exeptions I mentioned) into early retirement because of all the bogus racial crap he was getting from his own people.

    • Generally the same in NYS agencies, at least among the desk workers — and you may infer sneer quotes around “workers”. I haven’t noticed any racial differences in road work crews, maintenance guys, custodians, and such. Also, my experience is entirely in the Albany area; there may be other variance in NYC or elsewhere.

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