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It’s come to this: The War on Bacon is real « Hot Air

Yes, encountering opposing viewpoints can be uncomfortable and lead to growth. But no one in Winooski is in any danger of encountering anything they disagree with because the aim of the community appears to be to remove even the most innocuous messages to prevent such discomfort. So, the discomfort is felt only by those who were perfectly comfortable with diversity to begin with and had the temerity to believe tolerance in a famously liberal city might extend to advertisements for pork products.

“We welcome a rich and respectful dialogue among the people that live, work and dine here,” Decarreau added in the statement. “We believe that diversity and dialogue is a critical part of what makes us a truly desirable place to be.”

No, you don’t. You welcome eliminating words from the public square because one person finds them offensive. You are left with stifled, shallow adherence to an ever-changing standard of acceptability. That is the exact opposite of rich and respectful dialogue.

I’ve already blogged this, but I returned to it because of the name of the author and the subject she chose to write about.

Yes, I’m childish that way.

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