Nobody Does Car Reviews Like Dale Franks

And here is his new one:

Soul Searching | Dale Franks

The Soul is very…boxy. Like the Nissan Cube and the Scion xB, the Kia Soul seems to have been designed with Legos, rather than a more fluid, malleable material, like clay. There’s a big rectangle, in which you sit, and a small rectangle, containing the motor. As a design exercise, it doesn’t burn many mental calories. You could describe the exterior styling as “clean”. Or, “simple”. Or, “ugly”. Anyway I don’t see the attraction of driving a car that looks like an oversized milk carton.

You won’t find this sort of honesty in the bought-and-paid-for reviews the big boys make in their big boy car mags.

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Nobody Does Car Reviews Like Dale Franks — 1 Comment

  1. Nice job, there, by Dale…as per usual.

    Personally, I prefer the overall description of this whole still-in-the-shipping-carton “school” of vehicle design I once saw (in reference, IIRC, to the first “offerings” from Scion – which company has a [in my view] distinctly strange business “model”) stated as: Cars For People Who Hate Cars.

    …I don’t see the attraction of driving a car that looks like an oversized milk carton.

    Only thing I’ve ever been able to figure out is, seems pretty unlikely you’d have to worry about car thieves, even if you left it unlocked and even with the key in the ignition – I mean, just how much market is there for stolen milk-carton-shaped cars? Or even for parts for stolen milk-carton-shaped cars? Plus, how many teenage joy-riders are going to be interested in this kind of vehicle?


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