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44% Blame U.S. Policies for Worsening Relations with Islamic World – Rasmussen Reports™

However, just 17% think U.S. government policies in the past five years have helped those relations, while 44% believe they have hurt them instead. Twenty-four percent (24%) believe recent U.S. policies have had no impact on America’s relationship with the Islamic world. Fourteen percent (14%) are not sure.

Belief that the United States is winning the War on Terror had plummeted to its lowest level in over 10 years of regular tracking.

This is yet another example of a poll asking a bunch of ignoramuses and dumbasses their opinions on a matter about which they are almost entirely clueless.

I’m surprised a majority didn’t blame the problems on global warming.

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  1. In this case, rather unsurprisingly, a part of the blame should go to George Bush…

    Also, of course, a lot bigger chunk goes to all the other “professional politicians”, before and since Bush’s era, who likewise created, aided and/or abetted the “worsening relations” referred to – along with a whole lot of us “rationally ignorant” ignoramuses who keep insisting upon electing and re-electing those “professionals”, and aiding and abetting their actions in making matters worse and worse.

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