This Is How They Do It

Club Med for Terrorists –

Today, the petite petroleum kingdom is determined to buy its way to regional hegemony, and like other actors in the Middle East, it has used proxies to leverage influence and destabilize rivals. Qatar’s proxies of choice have been radical regimes and extremist groups.

In pursuit of this strategy, the gulf state is willing to dally with any partner, no matter how abhorrent. Qatar has provided financial aid and light weapons to Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria, and a base for leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban.

Also ISIL, the latest Sunni terror threat of the day.  Qatar finances Sunni terror, though, not Shia terror.  Just like Saudi Arabia, from whom it learned the technique.

Those six American universities for which is is building campuses, by the way? 

U.S. students try life on Qatar campuses –

Six American universities have branch campuses in Doha’s academic hub, a 2,500-acre campus known as Education City: Virginia Commonwealth, Weill Cornell Medical College, Georgetown, Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon and coming this fall, Northwestern.

I’m sure the administrations of those universities here in the US will be very, very careful not to do anything to annoy the Sunni terror masters in Qatar.   Or permit any of their students to do so, either.

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