Seeya In a Few Years, Illegal Aliens

Many No-Shows in Immigration Court; Some Hearings Scheduled for 2020 | Center for Immigration Studies

The other important takeaway from my day in immigration court was the fact that many of the cases were rescheduled for dates a long time into the future, either to allow attorneys more time to prepare or to allow aliens without representation to obtain an attorney, for example. Many of the cases were scheduled for March and August 2015 and some for the summer of 2018. When scheduling one 2018 case, the judge noted that although it seemed bad he had heard some hearings were being rescheduled for 2020. The judge joked to many of the aliens, “So I’ll see ya in a few years, okay?”

Time will tell how accurate that is.

It works this way because it’s designed to work this way.

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