Don’t Count Those Chickens Right Away

LG’s first 4K OLED TV is ready to kill LCDs once and for all

LG only just brought its 55-inch 1080p OLED to a $3,500 price that’s within the limits of mainstream credit cards, and it’s already back with something better. The curved 4K OLED TV we saw at CES is about to go on sale in Korea, and will arrive soon everywhere else, meaning well-heeled buyers don’t have to choose between Ultra HD resolution and the sweet black levels offered by this newer display technology. We don’t have an official US price for the TV yet, but HDGuru’s usually reliable retail sources say the 77-inch 4K model (there’s also a 65-inch version) will arrive for about $7,000 next month. In Korea it will cost 12,000,000 won ($11,738), however US prices are usually much lower. LG exec Hyun-hwoi Ha isn’t mincing words either, calling the new display “the pinnacle of technological achievement” and saying the tech will overcome LCDs in sales in just a few years. Can OLED pull off what plasma couldn’t? LG isbetting it will — meanwhile Samsung seems convinced that OLED isn’t quite ready for prime time.

Well, these monsters aren’t going to “kill LCDs” until they are at least marginally competitive on price.  And that means being able to go into Costco and buy a 60-incher for under a thousand bucks.

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