Antiquated Leftist Propaganda Hack Speaks Out

Dan Rather to Pundits Calling for War: Send Your Own Kids or ‘Don’t Even Talk to Me’ | Mediaite

Veteran journalist Dan Rather told Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter that the scores of pundits calling for action in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere were reminiscent of the buildup to the 2003 Iraq War, which Rather called a blunder of “historic proportions,” and that hawks needed to be prepared to send their own kids to battle before they so cavalierly recommend it for others.

The only problem with the Iraq War was that GWB didn’t do the same thing he did to the Hussein and Taliban regimes to Iran, Syria, and maybe Saudi Arabia.  And then come home. 

Had he done that the world be much safer today, and America would have suffered considerably less bloodletting.

As for Rather, he’s just another leftist propaganda hack rapidly approaching senility.  Why does he still have a soapbox of any size?

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