The Other Presidential Disgrace

President Jimmy Carter to be keynote speaker at Muslim convention in Detroit – Toledo Blade

The Islamic Society of North America or ISNA, the nation’s largest Muslim group, will hold its 51st annual convention in Detroit’s Cobo Center Friday through Sept. 1, and will feature former President Jimmy Carter as the keynote speaker.

Of course he will.  Of course he will.

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The Other Presidential Disgrace — 2 Comments

  1. Shit SteveF, ‘useless shit’ ‘useless shit’ …..

    is that the best you can do to describe the second most pathetic excuse for a president we have ever had?…..

    that foul excretion from the gangrenous penile appendage of the syphilitic goat, which is Daily Kos’ mascot.

    That ….. oh, never mind–I know you can do better. (Just describe Obama and drop one of the superlatives and you will have it.)

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