Dumbass or Ignoramus: You Be the Judge

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Not necessarily, but they’re certainly becoming more ignorant.  With some that is a conscious choice, but most are simply victims of the edu-journo propaganda machines.

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  1. Ref the short post by Helen Smith, I can believe the average intelligence in the US is going down, between differential breeding rates trending toward Idiocracy and unrestrained immigration. It’s not politically correct to say it, but there seems to be a real difference in intelligence between various racial and ethnic groups, and the vast majority of recent immigrants to the US are from groups with a lower average intelligence than the traditional US population.

    It also brings up another point: if the people coming to the US from, say, Mexico and Afghanistan are some of the more intelligent, capable, and motivated people of their home nations, how much do you want to bet that their coming here results in a lower average IQ for both nations?

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