Why Ransoming Hostages Guarantess Lots More Hostages In the Future

James Foley’s Siblings Say US Could Have Done More to Save Him – ABC News

The U.S. could have done more on behalf of the western and American hostages over there and still… you know, dealt with the broader, worldwide issues. Other nations have done that. And that’s been a source of frustration for me,” Michael Foley told Couric.

“Take the money aside, there’s more that could have been done directly on Jim’s behalf and I really hope that with respect to Steven, they take some action quickly,” he said.

“There is things that can be done. We are sitting on prisoners for example in Guantanamo. It doesn’t have to be financial. There’s ways to do it… I just feel strongly that more can be done, moving forward,” Michael Foley said.

They’ve just lost a loved one in a horribly brutal way, so no wonder they’re looking for somebody or something to blame, other than that loved one’s choice to deliberately and repeatedly put himself in harm’s way.

But they’re only thinking about their dead relative, not about the incentive created by paying ransom to barbaric savages – an incentive that only guarantees other people will be losing their friends and loved ones in a similar manner.

Europe, which pays off terrorists to retrieve hostages, is doing it wrong, but it works domestically as a political calculus – the nanny state will take care of you…until it doesn’t.  Or can’t.

Maybe if these savages were greeted with MOABs instead of money bags every time they took a hostage, there would be less hostage taking.  If not, there were certainly be less hostage takers over the long run, which would be a good thing as well.

Yeah, yeah, I know:  Reagan and the embassy hostages, Israel and various trades and payoffs.  They were wrong, too.  Just think how the world might have been different today if Reagan had bombed Tehran and the Ayatollah into bloody chunks rather than make a secret deal to ransom the hostages.

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