No News From the Security State

James Clapper’s Office Declassifies Another Set Of Fully-Redacted Pages | Techdirt

The ODNI continues to comply with court orders from FOIA lawsuits but its compliance is in letter only. Declassifying documents the way the ODNI does isn’t helping further the debate on privacy vs. security or making the government’s arguments for surveillance dragnets any more clear.

Two more documents were released late Friday, with one of them being more about what it doesn’t include than what it does and the other potentially leading to irreversible eye damage.

First up, the FBI’s report on the maintenance and use of [REDACTED] databases. About the only thing surviving the redaction knife is a few footnotes which indicate this document has something to do with the pen register/trap and trace bastardization that turned a targeted surveillance technique with a low legal barrier to entry into a broad, untargeted dragnet with a low legal barrier to entry. (PDF link.)

But this is how most of the “declassified” report looks.

What follows is a lot of blank paper.

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