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ComScore: Most people in the US don’t download apps on a regular basis

While smartphone apps come in handy for a variety of uses from sharing photos to navigating a new locale, it appears that most folks in the US barely download them at all. According to ComScore, 65.5 percent of those users 18 and above who wield a handset in the US go a full month without visiting their respective app store for new material. This means that 34.5 percent load up at least one new selection every 30 days, and figures indicate that the top 7 percent of users are responsible for around half of a month’s total.

Well, why would you?  Once I had the apps I needed and wanted, I didn’t see any need to hang out in the Google Play store looking for something I already had.

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  1. Some app users are basically hoarders. They load up on free or cheap apps because they *might* need them someday.

    It’s pretty obvious that if 7% of people are responsible for half of app downloads, a lot of those apps are being used minimally or not at all.

    I’ve seen research that the average user installs seven or eight apps. Once they get those, they might replace or add an app once a year. That seems perfectly healthy to me. Besides the packaged apps that came on my phone, I have eight that I downloaded, of which I only use three with any regularity.

    Another interesting stat: the top twenty apps (not top 20%, just top twenty out of hundreds of thousands) account for around half of all installs.

        • When I first got my current phone I hit the Amazon Appstore constantly looking for any free app that sounded interesting, but I’ve mainly stopped because there’s just not much that interests me: i’ve got pretty much what I need.

          I’m actually kind of considering a Windows phone next time around. So far the relative lack of apps has been kind of daunting, but I’m coming to the realization that it’s not as important is I had thought…although I’ll miss a couple of games.

          • If you have ATT and want to give a Windows Phone a try, get the one I have: Nokia 520 GoPhone. It’s less than fifty bucks, but is a fully featured smartphone. It will update to the latest OS (8.1) within a few days of using it.

            It’s sold cheaply to suck new people into ATT’s pay-by-month program, but it will work for regular ATT accounts too. I’ve used it for about six weeks now, and one of my sons has one too. Screen is only fair, and of course it’s not one of those mini-tablets that are trendy in phones right now, but it suits my purposes fine because it fits in my pocket.

            I liked it so much when it went on sale as Amazon’s deal of the day at $39.99 a couple weeks ago, I bought a spare that is sitting on my shelf. Heck, you can barely buy a spare battery for that.

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