Make War, Not Law

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Hunt for Foley’s Killer Spans Old Policing and Tech Tools – Bloomberg

A combination of old-fashioned police work and new technology may unmask the Islamic extremist who beheaded American journalist James Foley.

Christ. They’re treating this like some episode of CSI:Islamic Jihad.

Get it straight, morons. This is not a matter of law. It’s a matter of war. We don’t want to track this guy down and arrest him. We want to locate him, and drop a MOAB on him and his physically nearest one thousand compatriots.

You don’t win wars by trying people. That’s for after the war is won. You win wars by killing people The Muslim savages seem to understand that. I wonder why it’s so hard for us to figure out?

Angelo Codevilla has put it most succinctly: Figure out who, and how many, you need to kill in order to achieve victory and safety, and then go do so.

Seems like a plan to me.

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