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Cause of global warming hiatus found deep in the Atlantic Ocean | UW Today

Following rapid warming in the late 20th century, this century has so far seen surprisingly little increase in the average temperature at the Earth’s surface. At first this was a blip, then a trend, then a puzzle for the climate science community.

More than a dozen theories have now been proposed for the so-called global warming hiatus, ranging from air pollution to volcanoes to sunspots. New research from the University of Washington shows that the heat absent from the surface is plunging deep in the north and south Atlantic Ocean, and is part of a naturally occurring cycle. The study is published Aug. 22 in Science.

No, this science isn’t settled, either.  In fact, it’s likely a bunch of hokum based on fiddled models, bad measurements, and lousy data:

Will the Next El Niño Bring an End to the Slowdown in Global Surface Warming? | Watts Up With That?

Rebuttal to Chen and Tung (2014) highlighted in “Cause for ‘The Pause’ #38 – Cause of global warming hiatus found deep in the Atlantic Ocean

Numerous scientific papers have reported the hiatus in global surface warming will end with the next El Niño event. But according to a new paper by Chen and Tung published today online in ScienceMag (link to paper follows), that’s not going to happen because the multidecadal variations in ocean heat sequestration at depth in the Atlantic and Southern Oceans will suppress surface warming for a decade or two more. Additionally, unlike many other papers of its kind, Chen and Tung (2014) indicate a lessening in ocean heat sequestration to depth (the reverse of what we’re seeing now) was responsible for the accelerated warming during the latter part of the 20th Century.

Tisdale goes on to carve some pretty gaping wounds in this theory.

BTW, I tend to regard any proponent of global warming who refers to global warming as “climate change,” when they really mean global warming, to be a hack purveying propaganda to a much great extent than he is purveying science.

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