Devil’s Deal

Powerless to stop ISIS, West may have no choice but to join forces with Iran, Hezbollah | JPost | Israel News

US attacks on the Sunni Islamic State in Iraq and its cooperation and arming of the ruling Shi’ite government there, is the latest signal that the West is moving towards an arrangement with the Shi’ite Iranian axis, which includes Hezbollah, Iraq, and Syria.

Such an alignment has been feared by the Sunni world and Israel for some time.

For example, the Obama administration has allowed Iran to drag out negotiations over the country’s nuclear program and reportedly indirectly shared intelligence with Hezbollah to counter Islamist jihadists in Lebanon.

The Sunni world, via Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the rest of the Oilbag gulf states and their terror gang surrogates, have been attacking America and our allies for some time – ever since the first attack on the World Trade Center.

I’m not sure why we should consider them as automatically to be preferred over Iran.  But if we’re going to take a crack at playing the Great Game, I wish we had somebody a little smarter and more competent in our White House – like Winston Churchill.


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