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Fed’s Charles Plosser on ‘risky’ policy, watching wages

Fed’s Plosser: Need to be responsive to data not calendar time

Charles Plosser, Philadelphia Federal Reserve president, discusses interest rates, with CNBC’s Steve Liesman. Plosser is concerned with the lack of reaction to changing data.

The Federal Reserve’s current policy on interest rates is too “risky” and could lead to “traumatic” consequences, one of the Fed’s most outspoken hawks said on Thursday.

Oh, shut up, you racist.

We all know that free money isn’t risky. It’s Obamamagic!

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From Unicorn Farts, Which Is the Best Kind — 2 Comments

  1. Yannow, increasing equity prices are a sign of a healthy, growing economy.

    Increasing wages, however, seem to be a sign of a dangerous inflationary situation.

    No, I make no assumptions, I simply note the irony.

    Which, naturally, make me some kind of Commie-symp or something.

    I own a few equities, and have worked for wages. I’m torn, pulled between being manning the barricades and storming the barricades.

    I think that I’ll just go sit in the corner and sip an iced tea.

  2. Huh. And here all along I thought that stock prices ought to increase based on the success of the companies, and that same success also allowed those companies to raise wages as well.

    Presto! No barricades in capitalism!

    But what do I know? I’m just a racist who hates Obama and his gang of leftists.

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