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Dubuque teachers to monitor students’ heart rates – SFGate

Dubuque teachers will be able to monitor students’ heart rates through a web-based program while they exercise at school.

The program gives Dubuque Community School District teachers an idea of physical activity levels by middle school and high school students while they exercise in class, the Dubuque Telegraph Herald reported ( ).

Students will place straps containing heart sensors around their chests. The sensors will send data about the students’ heart rates that will be projected onto a screen or wall in class while they’re exercising.

The online application that collects the data is called Polar GoFit. It also shows how close a student is to reaching his or her target heart rate and maintains a record of how long students remain in those zones.

Jackie Hart Weeber, a health and wellness teacher at the Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School, said she is excited to see how the program will affect her students’ motivation levels in class. She said the program will give students instant feedback and shows “if they are doing well or if they need to be working a bit harder.”

“I no longer have to grade students just by looking at them,” she said. “Now I know if they are really working.”

Getting those kids ready for adult jobs, when they’ll be permanently wired to the IT department to make sure they’re “really working hard?”

The whole point of the modern educational system seems to be the manufacture of good little round pegs for the round holes of industry.

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  1. “The whole point of the modern educational system seems to be the manufacture of good little round pegs for the round holes of industry.”

    Before she dropped off the Internet, that was exactly what Connie Du Doit said, several times: the aim of the school system Dewey (of the Dewey Decimal System library categorization) advocated was to produce a generation of complaint factory workers.

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