Here Come the Cyborgs

Military Exoskeletons – Business Insider


For decades, the U.S. military and its private-sector partners have been working toward a technology straight out of science fiction: robotic suits.

And it’s no surprise. Exoskeletons could add to soldiers’ natural strength, letting troops lift seemingly impossible loads and dart across the battlefield at incredible speed. 

Not exactly the Six Million Dollar Man yet.  But getting there.

And wait until they start handing these out to the cops on the street!

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Here Come the Cyborgs — 3 Comments

    • Precisely – DARPA, will trump anyone and everyone who’s trying to develop “macho-man” civilian-application gear, every time…

      Wanna make a bunch of bucks off anything that’s stronger/faster/more durable? Finish it in either cammie or flat black, give it a slightly-cryptic acronym “model designation”, and demo it for the Gubment MilSpec folkses, and Hey-Presto! You’re ready to rock – if it’s got external surface available for flag stickers and serial numbers, all the better.

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