Holder and Obama Behind Jay Nixon’s Demand to Prosecute Officer Darren Wilson?

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YOU KNOW, THERE’S A REAL LYNCH MOB MENTALITY HERE. ‘Simply crazy’; TPM’s Josh Marshall thinks Gov. Jay Nixon, D-Mo., might be nuts. I’m glad to see Josh noticing this.

He’s not nuts.  He’s doing exactly what Obama and Holder are telling him to do.  Obama and Holder wanted a trial in the Trayvon Martin case, and they want one here, as well.  They don’t really care how it comes out – well, actually, they probably prefer an acquittal, which fits their narrative of a hopelessly racist America – but they just want the thing front and center on every news out and dead tree rag in the runup to the election.  Gotta get those black voters mobilized, you know.

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