Stupidity Is Sometimes Terminal: It’s Nature’s Way

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It emerges that a few hours earlier, this young man walked into a bodega, grabbed a handful of cigars and started to walk out with them without paying. Confronted by the shopkeeper, he shoved him out of the way, knocking him down, and left. The scuffle seemed almost comical, as the young man was 6’4? and weighed 290 pounds, and the shopkeeper looked to be about half that size. But the big man took what he wanted, because he could.

No, that’s no reason to shoot him, but it’s the reason why he’s dead.

He’s not dead because white cops hate black people (and some do).

He’s not dead because America is still a racist society (and it is).

He’s not dead because there are only three black cops on a police force of 50 (and there are).

He’s not dead because there’s no justice (any lawyer can tell you there isn’t).

He’s not dead because he was black (and he was).

He’s dead because he was stupid.

Well, it seems to me he’s dead because of the form his stupidity took:  He’s accustomed to using his size to cow or physically subdue opposition.  So he apparently bull-rushed a cop who was pointing a gun at him.


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Stupidity Is Sometimes Terminal: It’s Nature’s Way — 3 Comments

  1. “No, that’s no reason to shoot him, but it’s the reason why he’s dead.”

    Theft is a good enough reason to shoot. You’re not entitled to what I have. Trying to take it will endanger your life, as it should.

    Stupid, yes. It wasn’t his first time. He will no longer be a threat.

  2. Frankly, I want to be a good person. I just can’t seem to summon up much remorse for what happened. This man walks into a store and takes what he wants. The shopkeeper objects, and he responds with “I’m bigger than you.”

    Later, in a connected (did the cop suspect he was the thief?) or disconnected event, something very much smaller than he but with an appreciably greater velocity blows the top of his head off.

    But I think I know what the shopkeeper is thinking. And I don’t blame him, not one single bit.

    Surely there is racism in this nation, and police have lost a sense of proportion when it comes to responses to situations, and these are very serious issues. But just as surely, there must be a better — far, far better — poster child for justice than this brutal thug.

    I know. Free Mumia. Jeepers.

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