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Intel aims next-gen 14nm ‘Broadwell’ technology at fanless tablets, Ultrabooks | PCWorld

The upshot, according to Bob O’Donnell, principal at TECHnalysis Research, is consumers will have the chance to make a huge leap from a laptop they bought four years ago to the Broadwell crop. In a survey of 2,500 purchasers in the United States, the U.K., China, and Brazil, consumers were interested first in a large smartphone and then a traditional notebook.

Interesting.  Because that’s exactly what my computer life consists of these days:  A large smartphone (a 7″ phablet) and a traditional notebook – a core i7 Sony Vaio Pro 11 with 8Gb ram and 256Gb SSD.

My older Toshiba core i3, after years of valiant everyday duty, has been retired to duty as a desktop machine in my upstairs office.

I am amused at the notion that all the hipster douchebags here in SF who get so hysterical over the notion of “huge, gigantic, monstrous, unusable” smartphones are being shown up as the elitist little twatslappers that they really are.

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  1. I recently discovered the ridiculously cheap USB OTG (on the go) cables. These have a micr-USB male plug to connect to your tablet or smartphone and one or more USB female jacks to which you can connect a keyboard and mouse or thumbdrive. The hassle with phones and tablets, IMO, is the virtual keyboard and precise pointing with my fat fingers.

    Here is an amazon link to one cable.

    BTW, these draw power from your device and you can’t simultaneously charge your device and use these OTG cables. It’s one or the other.

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