No, Virginia, David Axelrod Is Not Rick Perry’s Friend

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Some are wondering why arch-Democrat warrior Axelrod would tweet something that seems to support Perry.

I can think of a few reasons.  After all, they don’t call him a strategist for nothing.

1.  Cover:  He knows the prosecution will go forward, and do whatever damage to Perry his fellow Democrat hacks in Texas can manage.  In the meantime, his statement puts at least a veneer of objectivity over the national party.  Since he is definitely no longer a member of the Clinton camp, he also extends that veneer to Barack Obama.

2.  It provides his fellow hacks in the media a point-counterpoint narrative of the sort they love so much:  See, we’re objective.  We’re reporting that David Axelrod thinks these indictments are “sketchy.”

3.  And they’ll keep right on reporting at the top of our lungs that Axelrod thinks the indictments are sketchy, until everybody with a television or computer in America knows that Perry has been indicted for felony corruption.



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