Gene Simmons: More Like Him, Please

Gene Simmons Wins Argument with HuffPo Host Over Speaking ‘Goddamn English’

This week, KISS rocker Gene Simmons not only embraced assimilation and the importance of English for immigrants to succeed, he gave a textbook example of how to successfully–and forcefully–do so on hostile turf.

He did so with no apologies–and plenty of compassion.

In an entertaining interview on HuffPost Live, Simmons said he was “given all the advantages of native-born children” after coming to the country when he was eight years of age, which he said was “astonishing” compared to other nations. 

Why? Because he learned “goddamn English” and embraced America’s melting pot instead of separatism (salad bowl). 

This is pretty awesome. And it doesn’t just apply to immigrants.

You want to be an American success story? Become an American, and cultivate the mannerisms, habits, and language of the successful.

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  1. Contrast with Fred Reed’s thoughts on Ferguson.

    We talk multiculturism, but try to imose a monoculture—ours—on blacks. Why? Why in school should we insist that blacks study things of no interest to them?

    I don’t agree with Reed in this essay. He does bring up a couple of good points but draws the wrong conclusion. The proper response is to stop all government subsidies of the less successful. Let them work or starve. Let them learn employable skills or starve. If they turn to criminality rather than work or starve, kill them. The culture of entitlement and other dysfunctions took decades to grow into full malignancy (thanks heaps, LBJ, you cunt) but it can be halted in a few years by letting people starve or be shot.

    I’m focusing on black and hispanic dysfunction, but the same applies to non-hispanic whites who’d rather sponge off the system than get off their butts. Let ’em die. Let their children die. Harsh as it is, it’s not as bad as the status quo.

    Meanwhile, for all their puritan-derived faults, there’s a reason American value have created such a fantastically rich society. Maybe the less successful should look and learn.

      • You’re joking, of course, but I’ve frequently had “privilege” thrown in my face because I’m male and visibly white. I grew up pretty poor and clawed my way up. Sure, I had the massive advantage of having been born in the US in the 20th century, but beyond that I deny any privilege. And I’ll point out that most of a billion people were born in the US in the 20th century, and quite a few of them got ahead by getting off their asses, making use of their abilities, and developing enough social and marketplace skills to get people to pay them for their work.

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