Holder’s Department of Injustice Tries to Rescue a Good Crisis Before It Can Go To Waste

Feds Objected To The Release Of Alleged Michael Brown Robbery Tape – Business Insider

Police in Ferguson released a video tape allegedly showing slain teen Michael Brown robbing a store even though the Justice Department warned that doing so could inflame racial tensions, CNN is reporting.

Ferguson cops had wanted to release the video on Thursday but held off when federal officials asked them not to release the tape, an unnamed law enforcement official told CNN. That tape allegedly showed Brown stealing cigars from a convenience store before a police officer shot the unarmed 18-year-old in the street last weekend.

No, the tape showed Michael Brown stealing cigars from a convenience store.  Which is why the Holder Department of Legal Propaganda (Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste Subdivision) deliberately tried to suppress it.

How would it “inflame” the situation, by the way?  Here’s the video:  Make up your own mind.

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Holder’s Department of Injustice Tries to Rescue a Good Crisis Before It Can Go To Waste — 2 Comments

    • Several times I’ve been involved in incidents in which witnesses came out of the woodwork after the fact. A couple times not only didn’t I see them during the incident, there was no possible way for them to have witnessed the incident.* Oddly, in my experience, officialdom always seemed to take the word of the mob. Presumably this is because police and other officialdom aren’t interested in finding out what happened, or justice, or law. All they want is to keep things quiet at minimal effort for themselves. Unless the mob is accusing some member of officialdom, in which case there’ll be a thorough investigation, or at least a pretense of one.

      * The following isn’t personal experience, but something I read: in one incident which took place in a narrow alley with few or no overlooking windows, so many “witnesses” “saw” the incident that they must have had a video camera feeding a couple of big TVs, live. Don’t remember the details, but it was a big city and not many years ago.

      The above has nothing to do with the development of my policy of killing and getting away fast. In fact, I have no such policy, and I’ll call you a liar to your face if you say otherwise.

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