Oh, Good. Now I Can Relax About Ebola

Hospitals in the U.S. Get Ready for Ebola – NYTimes.com

Hospitals nationwide are hustling to prepare for the first traveler from West Africa who arrives in the emergency room with symptoms of infection with the Ebola virus.

So we’ll be caught with out pants down around our ankles if it isn’t a traveler from West Africa and he doesn’t show up in the emergency room?

But hell.  That’s just crazy talk.  Who could possibly imagine something like that?

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Oh, Good. Now I Can Relax About Ebola — 1 Comment

  1. I’m going to mention the unmentionable…once Ebola gets here, we’re focked. Know any nurses? Do they ever have to beg for work hours, or are they overworked? Yeah. Here too.

    This disease that is sooooo hard to catch…I guess those medicos were simply careless, that they just couldn’t be bothered to wear their spacesuits. Hell, the best way that I know of to get ill is to be in a hospital around all that sickness.

    On the bright side, it may bring back the doctor housecall. Don’t make much sense to me, to bring all the sick people into a waiting room and let the ill infect the well, but I’m not a healthcare professional.

    Did you know, back in the 90’s there were thirty thousand Nigerians in Houston. Wonder if any of them visit the homefolks?

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