Can You Guess What Race These “Teens” Are?

Series of violent Muni robberies targeting Asian females |


San Francisco police say there’s been a series of violent robberies on Muni and bus stops in the

Visitacion Valley neighborhood since the end of July, five attacks in twelve days.

Police believe the suspects are a group of teens riding Muni, looking for victims.

Three of those suspects have been arrested but police say more may be involved in the robberies.

KTVU obtained exclusive access to surveillance videos from the most recent attack, which police have described as quick, vicious and heinous.

The video shows a petite Chinese woman sitting on the number 9 bus when one of the suspects walks up to her, grabs the woman and rags her off the bus. Police say that suspect is just 16-years-old.

Although a San Francisco “news” outlet would never mention it, everybody in San Francisco knows these “teens” are all young black thugs. BTW, they have the public transit employees so terrorized that none of them every pay the bus fare – they just get on and off whenever they feel like it.

Of course Google just gave The City nearly $7 million bucks so that these teens can have free tickets from now on – not that they ever needed them. But it should help make their careers of robbery just a tiny bit easier.

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  1. Probably just “punks”. Why does it always have to be about race? Can’t we all just get along? After all, use public transport and you have to check your privilege at the turnstile. If you’re white. Or honorary white. But it’s not about race. Really, it isn’t. Nothing to see here. Move On.

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