Perry Indicted for Trying to Get Rid of a Prosecutorial Drunk

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SHADES OF TOM DELAY: Travis County’s Politicized DA Gets Perry Indicted (Updates: Perry Responds) – Obama’s Henchman Cackles. Even many of the Dems on my Twitter feed think this indictment is a reach. But, as with Scott Walker, the Democratic Deep State is trying a spoiling attack aimed at clearing the 2016 field.

Remember when I told you that no matter what atrocity the state may choose to commit, that atrocity will always be legal under the laws of that particular state.

So…here ya go.

UPDATE:  Before You Pass Judgment On Rick Perry… « Hot Air

Here is the booking video when she was taken into custody.

Rick Perry thought her to be a disgrace, and wanted her to resign. She didn’t. So he took the next step and threatened to veto funding for her office. In response, a grand jury handed down an abuse of power indictment for coercive use of a veto late this afternoon. So the woman who was belligerent and intoxicated stays, Rick Perry is the bad guy and needs to go. Right. Got it.

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Perry Indicted for Trying to Get Rid of a Prosecutorial Drunk — 7 Comments

  1. This is the county where Delay was politically indicted and convicted, said conviction of course being overturned long after it could have done any good.

    Wendy Davis can’t win at the ballot box and Perry-to many- was starting to look good for 2016. What to do. what to do? Hey, I know! Let’s start a bullshit political witch hunt in a county that’s infested with people who don’t give a shit about the laws, but rather the political affiliation of the person being charged. The long term result doesn’t matter. In the short term, Republicans will be tarred as abusers of power and criminals, which will help all Democrats around the country, and Perry will have to spend all his time and money fighting this bullshit. Oh sure, the conviction will certainly be overturned by any higher court judge who actually follows the law, but that won’t get reported anywhere. Win-win!

    The leftists in this country have already started the domestic cold war. Stuff like this will only hasten the time when things will start to heat up. Sadly-for them- their side is somewhat outnumbered and outgunned.

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