Perry’s Border PR Scam

First National Guard troops arrive at Texas-Mexico border | Fox News

“They’re just there for support,” Walker said of the soldiers who entered the field this week after training in the area. “We’re just trying to give some relief to the guys at Customs and Border Protection” and other law enforcement agencies. He said the duration of their deployment was not set, but that current funding only runs through September.

The guardsmen seen Thursday dressed in camouflage uniforms were manning a Hidalgo police tower.

It’s a PR stunt. A $12 million PR stunt.

For that kind of money, I want them shooting illegal border crossers, not watching them.

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Perry’s Border PR Scam — 5 Comments

  1. I’m on the border right now, having walked across from Laredo to Nuevo Laredo. It all looked business as usual.
    That said, the problem isn’t the border, per se, what’s happening at the border is a symptom. Drug prohibition on the north side, socialist revolutions to the south yield powerful black markets in certain drugs and labor.
    It’s much easier to control a border when it becomes less lucrative to cross it illegally.

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