The Falcon flies home

An amazing video released today from SpaceX of the Falcon 9 1st stage returning for a controlled landing in the ocean following the July launch of 6 ORBCOMM satellites. It’s possible that, on the next Dragon resupply mission to the ISS, the 1st stage will attempt a landing on a barge rather than the ocean.


The Falcon flies home — 3 Comments

  1. The decent still looks fast, but it really doesn’t matter. If there is a recoverable first stage, on point, even if the thing is damaged to all hell it’s a proof of concept that will make the rocketry world realize that Now is When and everyone has to up there game.

    Like the Apocryphal story of the Tucker Torpedoe expelling the windshield. It might have destroyed the car, but it proved something else, something that is now a standard.

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