Start Killing Them, and They’ll Back Off

Militants’ Siege on Mountain in Iraq Is Over, Pentagon Says –

WASHINGTON — Defense Department officials said late Wednesday that United States airstrikes and Kurdish fighters had broken the Islamic militants’ siege of Mount Sinjar, allowing thousands of the Yazidis trapped there to escape.

An initial report from about a dozen Marines and Special Operations forces who arrived on Tuesday and spent 24 hours on the northern Iraqi mountain said that “the situation is much more manageable,” a senior Defense official said in an interview.

I didn’t expect ISIL to hang around much after US bombs started falling, and the Pesh Merga received fresh stores of ammo.

It is in the neocon’s best interests to pretend that ISIL is some sort of unstoppable force, rather than what they really are: a loose organization of moderately trained religious fanatics, under-armed, under-equipped, and incapable of holding any static location in the face of modern weaponry and tactics, and modern, organized militaries.

In short, I’m not surprised at this.  As soon as we started getting serious about killing these ISIL guys, I expected them to fade into the shadows like the barbarian cockroaches they are.

The only reason these “movements” manage to function at all is civilization’s reluctance to take the steps necessary to destroy them – and that includes destroying the regimes that support them.

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