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Meanwhile, Jim Bennett emails with a “twofer” solution: “Have the feds take back all the armored vehicles they’ve given to police departments and send them to the Kurds.”

Even better idea:  Send these cops who seem to think all Americans are terrorists in waiting, and employ tactics as if they were, to Iraq to fight ISIL – let them find out what it’s like to face opponents their own size.

They can really give their new whiz-bang toys a workout, too!

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  1. Excellent suggestion – only one small addition: When all those SWATties get over there…all jumped-up in “full-battle-rattle”, and (they think) ready and wired to go kick jen-yoo-wine terrorist/”insurgent” ass, no name-takin’ required, give ’em “the word” – they’re there to stay

    Then, maybe the rest of the cops will go back to actually being cops – as opposed to acting like only-semi-restrained “shock troops” – and the rest of us can stop worrying that home-invasion crimes and/or armed assaults will commonly happen “under color of The Law”.

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