Everybody Needs Good Kitchen Knives

The heart of any good kitchen is a knife. It may only be one – I’ve often said I could rebuild civilization with little more than a good ten inch chef’s knife. If you’re serious about cooking, you’ll probably end up with a lot more than one, but you really can get by with just one good chef’s knife. If you want a set, though, that is a heck of a good deal on that set of forged Henkels up at the top right side there. It’s not the trendiest cutlery, but it’s hella good German steel, and not so long ago it was a good as you could get. A lot of die-hards think it still is.

That sharpener? It’s the one I’ve used for years. No fuss, no muss, works great. And trust me – you do want to keep your knives sharp.

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Also of interest (I have a whole collection of Shun knives):

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