At Amazon: The Best Bike Tires I’ve Ever Owned

These are the best bike tires I’ve ever used. I’ve been running Schwalbe Marathons on all of my bikes for years. Couple them with Slime tubes, and they are about as bomb-proof as you can get when it comes to punctures, blowouts, or flats of any kind.

I ride almost every day, and I ride through neighborhoods where the local sport is throwing stuff – often glass – onto the roads. Using Schwalbe plus Slime, I’ve gone years without a flat.

For some reason I thought it would be cool to equip one of my single speed bikes with colored tires from China. Well, they look great, but I’ve had more flats in six months on those tires than I’ve had with all my other bikes combined – ever. So I’ll be getting rid of the cool tires and going back to the bomb-proof Schwalbes.

One other thing – these help, too: Mr. Tuffy Bike Tire Liners

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At Amazon: The Best Bike Tires I’ve Ever Owned — 3 Comments

  1. Rargh. OK, I’ll buy some. Unexpectedly, I have the money, despite having just paid “family contribution” for college tuition and the year’s tuition for Kid#3, because I’d been saving (as always) to get myself a new computer, but ended up giving most of the money to someone else*. That didn’t use all of my computer money, so I can buy tires and tubes this month. (Brakes, too. I should have a new set somewhere, but hanged if I can find the blasted things. They’ll turn up fifteen seconds after more come in the mail, of course.)

    * I helped out because it’s not a 6-y-o’s fault her family is broke because her mother is insane. (I mean that literally; paranoia and delusions rendering her unfit to earn a living. Though it does seem that she could be rented out as a performance artist or something. I’ll have to suggest that to her husband.)

    • Sheesh, I finally managed to order the tires and tubes. I’m not sure what the problem was with our Amazon account, but I’m guessing it was because the boys order from where they are on their summer jobs and use either my credit card or their own payment methods and my wife orders usually on her own credit card but shipping hither and yon to friends and relations. It probably tripped some fraud detector. Only real nuisance is that the stuff obviously won’t arrive in time for a weekend ride.

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