Definition of “Healthy” Blood Pressure Is Changing

New JNC 8 Hypertension Guidelines: What Does the Panel Recommend Now? – MPR

The authors formed nine recommendations which are discussed in detail along with the supporting evidence. Evidence was taken from randomized controlled trials, the gold standard for establishing efficacy and effectiveness. Some of the new major recommendations include:

1.  In patients aged ?60 years, initiate pharmacologic treatment in systolic BP ?150mmHg or diastolic BP ?90mmHg and treat to a goal systolic BP <150mmHg and goal diastolic BP <90mmHg.  (Strong Recommendation–Grade A)

2.  In patients aged <60 years, initiate pharmacologic treatment at diastolic BP ?90mmHg and treat to a goal <90mmHg. (For ages 30–59 years, Strong Recommendation–Grade A; For ages 18–29 years, Expert Opinion–Grade E)

3.  In patients aged <60 years, initiate pharmacologic treatment at systolic BP ?140mmHg and treat to a goal <140mmHg. (Expert Opinion–Grade E)

In short, they’ve raised the goal blood pressure levels for the over-sixty crowd from 120/80 to 150/90.  Not mentioned here: a major recent study found that:

Growing Uncertainty in BP Treatment Targets – MPR

Patients with SBP between 120–129mmHg had a 10% greater risk of renal disease or mortality vs. those with SBP between 130–139mmHg; those with SBP from 140–149mmHg had a 40% greater risk. The lowest risk was seen at 137mmHg and 71mmHg.

A lot of people will be relieved by these findings.

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