Moneybags Authors Protecting Their Own: “I’ve Got Mine, Jack, So Eff You.”

900 authors pay $104,000 for full-page anti-Amazon ad | Ars Technica

Preston’s letter to Amazon asks readers to contact Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos directly and has been signed by writers including John Grisham, Stephen King, Tom Perrotta, Barbara Kingsolver, and Suzanne Collins. The letter is set to run as a full-page ad in the Sunday edition of the Times at a cost of $104,000, paid for by “a handful of the more successful writers,” according to the Times.

Multi-millionaire authors trying to protect the one-of-a-kind deals they are able to work out with the Big Five publishers.

You didn’t think they get those lousy ten percent royalties, did you?  And you know who gets really lousy advances and crappy royalties so the big houses can afford to pay those gigantic contracts, don’t you?

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