Obama Planning For Inevitable Obscursity

Obama Outlines His Post-Presidency – The Daily Beast

President Obama spent much of his first term fending off criticism that he hadn’t done enough for the black community, and that he wasn’t paying enough attention to Africa, where his father was born and where expectations soared after his election. In his second term, he’s making up for lost time. Earlier this year, he launched his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative aimed at boosting opportunities for boys and young men of color, and this week, he hosted 50 heads of state from Africa for a first ever U.S-Africa Summit aimed at building stronger ties with a continent where six of the 10 fastest growing economies are located.

Yeah.  Typical Obama PR bullshit.  You think that gang-gathering of thuggish black dictators in the White House will have any long-term, or even short-term, effect on anything?

Or the Twitter-named #MyBrothersKeeper initiative “aimed” at something or other?  BTW, “aimed at” is a euphemism for “farting wetly in the general direction of….”

The only thing I want from Obama’s post-presidency is that it become post as soon as possible.


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