Civil War Coming to Gaza, Courtesy of Barack Obama

carolinglick | Obama’s new plan for Hamas

He wants to use the ceasefire talks in Cairo to strengthen Fatah.

In remarks Wednesday, Obama said, “I have no sympathy for Hamas. I have great sympathy for some of the work that has been done in cooperation with Israel and the international community by the Palestinian Authority. And they’ve shown themselves to be responsible. They have recognized Israel.  They are prepared to move forward to arrive at a two-state solution. I think [PA Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, aka] Abu Mazen is sincere in his desire for peace.”

 Obama’s plans for the ceasefire were spelled out in detail the day before in a column by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. There Ignatius claimed that Secretary of State John Kerry has abandoned his previous position on the cease-fire. That position was harshly criticized by Israeli leaders and US media heavyweights, including Ignatius himself, for its clear bias in favor of Hamas.

In contrast to Kerry’s previous adoption of all of Hamas’s demands as official US positions, Ignatius wrote that “Over the past week, [Kerry] has been crafting a cease-fire plan that seeks to stabilize Gaza under the leadership of Abbas and the moderate Palestinian Authority….[The PA] (with the support of the international community) would have overall responsibility for the rehabilitation of Gaza.”

This will set off full-scale armed civil war in Gaza.  Watch everybody try to blame Israel for it.

It makes sense, though, I guess.  Hamas has been more intransigent than the PLA, and while it won its last war with Fatah, causing the West Bank-Gaza split, Israel may have damaged it enough that Fatah can eliminate it.

Not before the streets of Gaza are awash in blood, though, which, as I say, will somehow be blamed on Israel.

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