Here You Go, Dumbasses: Kick That Football Again

DeLAY: Coming together is a primary challenge for Republicans this fall – Washington Times

A pair of primaries this week offered an instructive lesson in what Republicans must do — and must not do — as they gear up for battle with President Obama and the Democrats this fall.

In Kansas, tea party challenger Dr. Milton Wolf put up a spirited fight against incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts in Tuesday’s primary in a contest that got a little personal and a little nasty at times. Dr. Wolf was understandably disappointed at the result but quickly vowed to work to elect Sen. Roberts in November after the votes were counted.

Things went a little differently in an equally nasty Republican primary for a Michigan House seat, where the winner, Rep. Justin Amash, refused to take the concession call from his opponent and had a few choice words for those Republicans who didn’t support him in the race. That’s just the kind of thing that makes a Democratic strategist’s day.

When the Democrats aren’t any better than the Gentry GOP candidates running against them, and the Gentry is trying to destroy any influence conservatives might have on their little gravy train, it’s hard to get very enthusiastic about supporting them.

Unless you’re a Republican Robot, of course.

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