Hey, Obama: Remember Pearl Harbor?

Overnight Open Thread (8-6-2014)–Surprise Early Edition

Later he would go on to become director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory as well as a state senator for New Mexico. He died last September at the age of 92. But a few years before that he was interviewed as part of a Japanese documentary and confronted by a Japanese survivor of Hiroshima. Clearly the producers wanted him to apologize to her for his part in the bombing, but Agnew was having none of that – and explained exactly why.

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These were the men who saved American from barbarians who now demand that we apologize to them for defeating them after they started a world war against us.

Obama would have been on his knees, weeping, while offering his apologies for the sin of defending America against those who wished to destroy her.


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  1. C’mon Obama knows history. Nothing important happened before he was born except Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, the evil American nuking of the peaceful Japanese and their erection of the Iron Curtain to “contain” the righteous USSR from enlightening the world and creating The New Post-Modern Human.

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