An Alternative to Scamnesty?

New ‘Young Outsiders’ Voting Bloc Wholly Rejects Welfare State, Poll Finds

A newly coined voting bloc called Young Outsiders has two major attributes – they are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Really fiscally conservative.

An overwhelming majority of these Millennial-aged voters actually think government aid does more harm than good, that the government is at its max when it comes to helping the poor, and – get this – that people on the government dole have it way too easy.

These “Young Outsiders” – named by the Pew Research Center in its recently released political typology report, make up about 13 percent of the voting population and could very well swing future elections in Republicans’ favor, research finds.

Maybe.  But right now, they’re voting more Democrat than Republican, and that’s likely to continue as long as the GOP is dominated by its “Sin-Punisher” wing.  In fact, I suspect the GOP could do a lot more to improve its future political chances by soft-pedaling the social proscriptions in order to woo this group than it could by cramming scamnesty down America’s throat.

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