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U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Says College Students Not Developed Enough for Free Speech | National Review Online

A U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner thinks that college students are not sufficiently developed to enjoy their free-speech rights.

Democrat Michael Yaki, who previously was senior adviser to Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), explained why he believes campus speech codes should be tightened during a U.S. Commission on Civil Rights briefing on sexual-harassment law in education.

“Certain factors in how the juvenile or adolescent or young adult brain processes information is vastly different from the way that we adults do,” he said, according to a transcript from law professor Eugene Volokh, who publishes the blog the Volokh Conspiracy at the Washington Post. “So when we sit back and talk about what is right or wrong in terms of First Amendment jurisprudence from a reasonable person’s standpoint, we are really not looking into the same referential viewpoint of these people, of an adolescent or young adult, including those in universities.”

Scumbag tyrant.

Yeah, college kids are old enough to fight and die for their country, but not to enjoy the rights guaranteed by the constitution they are fighting and dying to defend.

I’ll bet Yaki thought he was just a shit-hot genius when he was that age.  Probably still thinks so, too.

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  1. I had about the same thoughts as you before I’d finished reading the snippet.

    So, if these “children’s” brains aren’t fully developed, we’d better not let them vote. It’s not right to try them as adults, because if they do anything against the law it’s simply because they’re immature. Can’t allow them into the military or the police or any hazardous job, because that’s just risking our nation’s most precious resource, its children. Oh, and while you’re at it, abolish draft registration. (For boys only, of course. Girls don’t have to register, presumably because if it came to a real war and conscription was “needed”, the vast majority of girls would be worse than useless.)

  2. I’d have liked to face him in argument with me at 18 against him at his current age. My “immature, undeveloped” mind would kick his ass six ways from Sunday. Although he might be too stupid to understand that was what was happening to him.

    Adult leftists and communists quite often don’t realize it when somebody is making a total fool of them. You usually have to smash their fantasy bubble of superiority first.

    A good punch in the mouth often accomplishes that.

  3. The Enlisted get it Nemo. It’s why in The Marine Corps, other than certain people who happen to have shiny shit on their collar, who have have proven themselves are called “Zero’s” or precisely by their rank, as us enlisted, many of us with some college, or outright degree’s PISS on most of the officer Corps.

    This is a payback, I knew it 25 years ago, and I’m sure these guys who are much better than I ever was, know it now.

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