Tip-Toeing Around the Truth of European Jew Hatred

Behind Europe’s anti-Semitic slurs – NY Daily News

The large communities of European Muslims are playing a crucial role in the violence. The Jerusalem Post’s headline “Islamists, neo-Nazis declare: ‘You Jews are Beasts’” captured the alliance at one protest in Frankfurt.

Absent a wholesale change, the continent’s Jews are left with three options: Make aliyah to Israel, form self-defense groups or emigrate to the United States.

If you import several million people who hate Jews as a matter of religious dogma, don’t be surprised when you get a lot more Jew hatred.

Wonder why he buried the thing about Jew-hating Muslims all the way at the bottom of the article?

Finally, “self-defense groups?”  With what?  European Jews are at least as disarmed and helpless today as they were under the Nazis.

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