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Starting Strength

This is Mark Hurling, a lifter who hangs out on the Rippetoe Geezer Forum.  This is him deadlifting 425 pounds.  He’s 62 years old.

I hope someday to hit 400, but I doubt I’ll get there.  I took a shot at 250# a few days ago, and got it knee high off the ground, but then dropped it.

And now I have a minor groin pull. I hate getting older.

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  1. And now I have a minor groin pull. I hate getting older.

    You’re not the only one. A couple of weekends ago, the lady that I rent a room from asked me to trim the lowest dead and dying fronds from a 20 foot high palm tree on the side of the driveway. One branch wasn’t cut cleanly by the branch shears on the first attempt, and exerting more pressure to finally make the cut resulted in development of a slight case of tendonitis on the inside of my right arm.

          • If it helps anything, I’ve been toying with the idea of learning to raise the dead. Just to piss off my wife, you understand. (My other noodling-around ideas are developing psychic powers and learning to time-travel. Again, just to piss off my wife.)

            • Seems like lately, SteveF, much of your personal recreational time and effort is devoted to pissing off your wife – is she all that much fun to observe when you’re successful at that, or is it just ordinary revenge-taking, plus you being able to run faster than she can chase you?

              Re: Senioritis – one of my all-time favorite wall posters is one that hangs on the inside of the men’s locker-room door at a workout joint I sometimes go to, showing a grey-bearded obvious-oldster who’s one-arm-curling a 30-lb. barbell while sporting both a wicked grin and a clearly-defined “six-pack” – the caption is: “Getting Old – It’s Not For Sissies”.

              • Or maybe, JSB, I’m completely full of it and am just joking about endlessly finding ways to annoy my wife.

                Although I gotta admit, if I did learn to raise the dead, she’d probably be pretty annoyed once she got over her astonishment. Like many ignorant Christians, she and her peers take the words of the evangelicals at face value and seldom do a deep reading of their bible, let alone do any historical research into the times when the events allegedly took place, the times when the books were written, or the politics involved in adding this book but not that one to the canonical bible. This leads to outrageous claims about, for instance, only Jesus, the perfect one, ever being able to raise the dead. So what about doctors, who bring people out of comas? What about people who do CPR after someone’s heart has stopped? In fact, I’ve done that, on a drowning victim. Holy smokes, I’m just like Jesus!*

                * A cut-rate Jesus, at any rate. The guy had been underwater too long and never recovered consciousness, at least not in the first month after drowning. It would have been better if he’d died and stayed dead.

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